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Mirror Adhesive Tape Xtramount

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Xtramount® is a double-sided mirror adhesive tape made of closed-cell polyethylene foam (density 100 kg/m³), coated on both sides with a solvent-based, pure acrylate adhesive and protected on one side by blue silicone paper. Xtramount® was specially developed for vertical mounting of mirrors per DIN EN 1036, but can also be used for many other materials such as metal plates, some plastics, glass or ceramic. Xtramount® offers you the following benefits: - Excellent resistance to humidity - Good initial tack - UV resistant - Suitable for outdoor use to a limited extent - Temperature resistant from -30° C to +100° C - Shelf life: 12 months - Excellent resistance to water, plasticisers, oils and solvents

Please note:

The back of the mirror and the concealed mirror rails must be clean, dry and grease-free. The Xtramount® tape must be applied to the concealed mirror rails without trapping air bubbles and then pressed on firmly. Next, the protective film of the Xtramount® is removed and the concealed mirror rail must be directly pressed onto the back of the mirror firmly (approx. 200N / 20 kg) and evenly, again taking care to avoid bubbles. The maximum load capacity of Xtramount® is achieved 10 hours after having been taped to the mirror. Suitable for mirrors per DIN EN 1036.

1mm thickness in 5 & 50m rolls