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Mirror tap XtraCryl

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Highly transparent, polyacrylate-based adhesive tape with adhesive on both sides. It has an excellent initial tack, offering a high degree of security shortly after application. XtraCryl shows excellent resistance to ageing, weathering, temperature and solvents and is ideal for bonding rough materials as well as for permanently bonding glass, metal, mirrors as per DIN EN 1036 and many plastics. Stresses in the adhesive bond are reduced and the strength of the bond increases greatly over time. We particularly recommend XtraCryl for mounting laminated safety glass mirrors and when bonding cast resin panes. · Technical data: Peel strength*: steel up to 45N/25mm · glass up to 43N/25mm Shear strength**: up to 45N/625 mm² at 20°C · up to 15N/625 mm² at 70°C Temperature range: -40°C to +120°C, for short periods of time up to +150°C Shelf life: 12 months (room temperature 20°C, humidity 50 %) (According to AFERA *4001, **4012, depending on thickness, technical data can vary slightly

Available in 1mm thickness in 25m reels

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